With the Fall season just a few weeks away, you may find yourself wanting to get started on transitioning the interior of your home from summer to fall décor. Even though it is still warm out, there are several ways that you can begin the transition to Fall décor in subtle ways as we prepare for the cold weather front.

Here are some easy ways you can start transitioning your home décor for the Fall season.

Transition Your Home Décor for the Fall Season

1 – Remove summer décor.

First thing’s first – it is time to remove your summer décor and items throughout the house. This will give you a good idea on how much space you have to work with to weave in Fall season décor. As you are removing summer décor, be sure to stay organized when you are putting it away, so you are able to easily access it come the end of Spring when you are looking to transition into Summer.


2 – Purchase some faux, heirloom neutral-colored pumpkins.

If you do not already have faux heirloom pumpkins on hand, take a trip to the store to grab some that you can easily place throughout your house, whether it is on a mantle, side table, kitchen table, entryway, or in a centerpiece bowl. There are tons of ways to decorate with faux pumpkins and tons of different sizes that you can purchase depending on what your space looks like. A great suggestion is to purchase neutral-colored pumpkins so that you can easily put them to use every year no matter how your color scheme changes in your home. Neutrals are also always a great way to give off a cozy vibe for the fall season.


3 – Change your florals.

If you are someone who has florals and greenery throughout the home, take some time to switch out your plants and flowers to a warmer color scheme that gives off Fall season vibes. When it comes to your florals, you do not have to go crazy – it can be as simple as a small vase with some sunflowers or mums! Florals are a great way to set the scene for the new season, freshen up a room, and give off a nice scent!


4 – Switch out your throw pillows.

Another really easy and quick way to transition into the Fall season is by switching out your throw pillows on your living room sofa and chairs as well as in your bedrooms. There are a lot of really cute, small Fall-themed pillows that you can incorporate to change up the vibe in your home, including ones that are pumpkin shaped! Or, for more of a Halloween vibe and especially if you have kids, consider getting some fun Halloween-themed throw pillows to get into the spirit of the holiday.


5 – Add in some new, cozy blankets.

Out with the lightweight blankets and in with the cozy, thick ones! Grab your coziest blankets and throw them out on your couches and beds so that you can soften up your space. If you have baskets, you can also store some extra ones in them in case you want to use more to cuddle up for a fun family movie night!


6 – Fill the interior of your home with Fall scents.

You cannot fully embrace the Fall season without some candles throughout the house. Fill the interior of your home with your favorite Fall scent, whether it is vanilla and pumpkin, crisp apple, or cinnamon! Not only are candles a great way to up the ambiance, but they also serve as beautiful décor throughout your home.

With these changes,  your home will be ready for the fall season in no time!

Discover Homes that Shine in the Fall Season

As you embrace the beauty of fall decor in your current home, you might be dreaming of how these decorations would look in a new setting. Here are some top neighborhoods where homes truly shine during the fall season:

As you decorate for the season, consider exploring these neighborhoods online. You might just find the perfect backdrop for your next fall-inspired home!


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