After spending so much time indoors the past year, you may be looking to switch up the interior of your home, perhaps by changing the colors of your rooms. It’s easy to take painting the rooms of your home into your own hands! Here are a few tips on how you should get started.

  1. Try out some sample colors. It’s smart to test out a few options for colors in a room before committing to painting the entire thing. To make sure you are absolutely set, grab a few different samples to see what works best in the room.
  2. Prepare the room and yourself. While you are painting, you want to make sure that you are not inhaling all of the fumes that come along with it. Make sure that you have your mask ready to go so that you are avoiding the dizziness that can stem from paint fumes! And, to ensure you are protecting the floors of your room, consider putting down a few sheets in case any paint spills throughout the process.
  3. Don’t forget to prime. Once you know the color you are going to move forward with, don’t forget to prime your walls before you start painting. This way, you are ensuring that any previous colors or stains are covered up and not shown through your newly painted walls.
  4. Tape the edges. By taping the edges of your walls, you are making sure that you will end up with walls that are as perfectly and precisely painted as possible. When the paint is dry, remove the tape very slowly so you do not peel off any paint accidentally.
  5. Time to finish! After your walls are freshly painted, it’s time to decide on how you want to finish your paint job. There are several different options you can choose from, including a satin finish, a matte finish, or a glossy finish! A matte finish is very popular as it hides marks and scratches better than glossy or satin, however, glossy and satin finishes do tend to hold up well and clean better than a matte finish.

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