Love is in the air! Valentine’s Day is about a month away, so now is the perfect time to add some love to the interior of your home and get some Valentine’s Day décor up! If you do not already have Valentine’s Day decorations that you use each year and are looking for some easy and inexpensive ideas to dress up your home, we have got you covered.

Check out some tips on how you can simply decorate your home for Valentine’s Day without breaking the bank. 

Decorating for Valentine's Day

1 – Buy some throw pillows. 

Throw pillows are a super easy and fun way to add some seasonal décor! Look for some festive pillows that are pink, red, or have heart designs and position them onto a bench, chair, sofa, or even in your bedroom! Or, if you do not want to have to worry about storing extra throw pillows, order some festive pillow shams that can be put on throw pillows that you already have at home. Not only are seasonal pillows aesthetically pleasing, but also a nice way to cozy up your room as well. 


2 – Add accent towels in bathroom and kitchen. 

Kitchen and bathroom towels are inexpensive and a great touch to both rooms in your home. Not only are they great for decoration, but they are also practical and will be used regularly as well. Plus, towels are easy to store during the off-season. Depending on how your kitchen and bathroom are set up, you can hang these towels on rods or shelves or place them on the countertop.


3 – Make a seasonal beverage bar. 

Beverage bar?! Say no more. If you and your family are coffee lovers, this will surely be a hit. And even if you and your family are not regular coffee drinkers, or into coffee at all, the beverage bar can be used for other great winter drinks such as hot chocolate or tea.

When it comes to creating a beverage bar, look for a small board or shelf where you can place seasonal mugs, seasonal bowls that can hold tea bags or even Hershey kisses, as well as beverage stirrers and a small seasonal sign. You can decorate the beverage bar however you would like and be creative as you want! This is also a fun setup to create and design with the whole family.


4 – Use chocolates and candies as décor. 

Valentine’s Day candy is always festive in itself, so why not use this festive candy as décor (that you can also snack on)?! Look for candies that are already wrapped, such as chocolates, and if you are using any festive candies that are not wrapped, pour them into glass containers or mason jars that are clear and will show off the candies! 


5 – Use red and pink accents. 

Look for ways around your house where you can pop in some red and pink accents. If you are someone that has generally neutral décor, you will only need a few pops throughout the house to make a difference and add some festivity. Some small ways that you can add accents include plates, placemats, blankets, or some small bouquets of floral arrangements that you can place throughout your home. 


6 – Get to crafting.

If you have children, then chances are they will be working on some Valentine’s Day cards for their loved ones, as well as their classmates! Work with your kids to craft up some cards and other pieces of artwork that they can design for Valentine’s Day. Not only will these art pieces be super cute and fun to make with the family, but they will also serve as awesome decorations for your home that will be extremely meaningful!

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