Are you ready for some winter activities? The official start of winter is just a few weeks away, and everyone in New England can relate to how dark, dreary, and sometimes miserable the cold months can feel (after the holiday season)!

During the colder months, many people resort to technology to help pass the time by and not go stir crazy. While it is easy to fall into your technological devices such as your smartphone, laptop, or iPads, there are a lot of great winter activities that you can partake in, inside and outside of the house, to make some fun winter memories with your family.

If you are looking for some fun ways to bond with your kids, we have pulled together some of our favorite winter activities that will keep everyone busy, prevent boredom, and keep the fun going. 

The Best Fun Winter Activities For Families

Sledding or tubing.

Sledding or tubing is always a fun idea! If you have a hill nearby, you can bring your own sled and tubes and have a full, fun day free of charge! If your kids are a bit older and you are looking for somewhere that is more hopping, check out some tourist attractions, such as Ski Ward in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts!

Winter activities with the family sledding down a hill

Ice skating.

Whether you are an avid ice skater or just starting out, ice skating can be a super fun activity for everyone, regardless of their age. Throughout New England, there are countless outdoor ice-skating rinks if you do not have access to a natural pond nearby. Most of the time, you will have the option to rent skates if you do not own your own, but it is always good to check with the rink before packing up the kids!


Movie nights.

What is better than a nice, cozy movie night with the family?! Make it a tradition to have a movie night each week, where each person in the family gets to choose their favorite movie for everyone to watch. During the movie nights, you can also come up with fun snacks and treats to have throughout. And, if you want to go the extra mile, you can go full “theme” and decorate as well!


Cooking and baking.

Cooking new meals and baking sweet treats is always fun to do, especially when you are able to do it with loved ones. Take the time that you have indoors to try out a recipe that you have been wanting to test. If you have young children, this is also a great opportunity to help teach your kids how to cook, and they will love the process of being involved and seeing and tasting the finished product! 

Winter activities with the family baking

Game nights.

There is nothing wrong with a little competition! Host some family game nights, where you can play some of your favorite board games and card games! Game nights are an awesome way to teach your kids lessons on how to think strategically, how to make decisions, and how to win (or lose!) with manners. Not to mention, game nights are also a great way for the family to bond and make some memories and are sure to bring some laughs. If you haven’t already, decorate your house for the holidays before you play. It will make sure the fun is extra festive!


Check out the holiday lights.

One of the most fun holiday activities is to stock up your car with pillows, blankets, and snacks, and hit the road! Drive around neighborhoods nearby that have gorgeous holiday displays up so that you can check out the lights and get into the holiday spirit! Many people will even leave their holiday lights up for a month or two after the holidays, so you can soak up the sights for a little bit longer. Of course, be sure the roads are not too icy before getting on the road!

We hope you can enjoy most, if not all, of these fun winter activities with your family this holiday season!

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