Winter is here, and for the next few months we can expect several snowstorms in New England. When a snowstorm comes about and we are surrounded by many inches of snow, icy roads, extreme winds, and very chilly temperatures, the chances of leaving your home are slim to none. During these times, it is important that you are prepared with some fun ideas to keep everyone in your home entertained and busy.

Check out some of our favorite fun things to do during a snowstorm:

Fun Things to Do During a Snowstorm While Inside

Read a book.

If you are an avid reader, take advantage of the time at home and dive into a brand-new book, or take the time to finish up one that you have not had the time to get to. Opening up a book during a snowstorm with a big blanket and a nice warm cup of hot chocolate or coffee is the ultimate level of coziness!

Take a long nap.

Who does not love a good nap? Use this time at home to catch up on some much-needed rest and try to get a nap in somewhere in your day. Whether you are able to fit in a half hour or even a couple hours, you will feel super refreshed and will be able to alleviate any burn out that you have been feeling from work and your day-to-day responsibilities.

Build a snowman and snow fort.

Just because you cannot leave your house does not mean you cannot go outside and enjoy the true magic of a snowstorm! Bundle you and your family up and get outside to make the most of the snow, whether that is building a snowman or building a snow fort. And of course, what is a day playing out in the snow without a classic snowball fight?

Try a new recipe.

Do you have a recipe that you have been dying to try but have not had the time? Now is the perfect opportunity! Make it into a fun activity for the day by involving the whole family in the preparation and cooking of this new recipe. Make sure that each person in the family has a responsibility, and that way when the finished product comes out everyone will feel part of it! Plus, you cannot fully enjoy a snowstorm without indulging in some desserts, so get the oven pre-heated for some cookies and brownies!

Binge a new show.

Everyone has a show or two that are their guilty pleasures, and a snowstorm is a great opportunity to go into full binge-mode. Whether you are looking to catch up on a new show by yourself or with your family members, set the scene with some of your favorite snacks, get comfy, and prepare for some good old entertainment!

Bring out the board games.

Everyone loves some healthy competition, so if you are stuck in the house, why not bring on some games! Pull out some of you and your family’s favorite board games, set up some teams, and enjoy each other’s company while playing. This is an awesome way to make some fun memories with the family, and perhaps even make the board games a new snow day tradition!

Invite over the neighbors.

If you are friendly with your neighbors or have been looking to get your kids and your neighbors’ kids together for a play date, now is the time! Call up your neighbors to see what they are up to for the day and invite them over for some hot chocolate, sweets, and snacks, and to participate in any activities that you are planning on for the day.

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