We are officially into the fall season and Halloween is just a few weeks away. Halloween is an extremely fun holiday for both adults and children, as you get to dress up, go trick-or-treating, and enjoy piles and piles of candy! If you are a homeowner on Halloween, in addition to having fun with your family and friends, it is important that you make sure that the exterior of your home is totally safe for anyone who comes to your door to trick or treat and grab some candy.

Some tips to prepare for a safe Halloween:

Halloween trick-or-treaters

Stock up on candy – and have a good variety. 

First thing is first, make sure that you are stocked up on candy so that you are prepared for any and all trick-or-treaters that may come to your home on Halloween. On top of having enough candy to last you through the night, make sure that you have a variety of candy so that you are accommodating for kids with allergies. Some people may even opt to have other options such as small toys or stickers in case the children are not able to eat the candy that you have.

Make sure your yard is safe. 

Once you have the candy, treats, and goodies set for all your visitors, it is time to make sure that your yard is totally safe for everyone as they walk up to your front door. While it is still light outside, give your lawn, driveway, and front path to your front door a good inspection so you can ensure that there are no trip hazards such as cracks, tree roots, or sticks. If you do run into a scenario where you notice a potential hazard, make repairs where possible or block off access to those areas if that is not doable before the trick-or-treaters begin their night. 

Keep things lit up. 

After inspecting, make sure that your front yard is properly lit so that it is bright enough for trick-or-treaters to see where they are walking and approach your front door safely. If you do not have lights in the front of your home, check out some temporary options such as tea lights that you can utilize just for the night. Not only is it safe to have your front yard lit up, but it is also more inviting and will show that you are prepared and ready for visitors! 

Avoid décor that is flammable. 

A lot of decorations that you could opt to use for Halloween can be a little dangerous, as many of them are extremely flammable. Some décor that is considered to be flammable can include items such as dried cornstalks, hay, or any paper decorations that can easily catch on fire from open flames that are in your jack-o’-lanterns. 

Make sure pets are safe indoors. 

Halloween is meant to be a spooky holiday, and for many pets it is truly just that! Regardless of how well-trained or friendly your pets are, they may get spooked by Halloween costumes or by children running full speed toward your front door. To avoid any issues with your pets, and avoid stressing them out, it is good to contain them indoors in a space that is totally secure and comfortable for them. 

Lock all doors.

Lastly, if you have any side or back doors, it is best to make sure that they are locked so that you are not running into any scenarios where someone is trying to access your house from a different entryway. This includes any windows as well as your garage if you have one!

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