The Fall season is upon us, and with it comes so many fun seasonal activities that you can take part in with your family and friends like a pumpkin-carving party. If you have been trying to think of a fun way to get your loved ones together this Fall season, consider throwing a pumpkin-carving party! This is not only a great way to get everyone together, but it is also a fun activity that allows for everyone to be creative, get silly, and get into the Halloween spirit.

If planning a pumpkin-carving party is of interest to you this year, we have pulled together some tips on how you can get started with the planning process.

Pumpkin-carving party

Here’s how to start planning the best pumpkin-carving party possible this Fall:

1 – Pick your location.

First off, you must decide where you would like to host your pumpkin-carving party. If the weather allows, perhaps you could host it on your back porch or deck. If the forecast is rainy or a little too chilly for your comfort, plan to host it in your kitchen or in an area where there will be a nice and easy clean-up. The location of the party will also depend on the number of people you are choosing to invite. 

2 – Create a fun and festive atmosphere.

Next, it is time to decorate and create a fun, festive, Fall vibe! Your décor for the pumpkin-carving party can be as simple or as festive as you would like. Some great ideas for décor include lining the table with pumpkins, foliage, and fall corn. And, of course, do not forget to sprinkle some candy corn and other Fall-themed candies across the table, which can also double as a snack for your guests! It is also important to make sure that you have some fun Halloween music playing to get everyone in the spirit. 

3 – Plan a buffet.

Every pumpkin-carving party needs good food and drinks! The easiest way to plan to serve food and drinks during a pumpkin-carving party is to set it up in buffet style so that your guests can help themselves as they would like. For food, plan to have items that are easy to eat and not too messy, as your guests will be focused on carving their pumpkin. If you are into charcuterie boards, creating Halloween-themed boards is also very popular! For drinks, be sure to have all the basics available, including waters, soft drinks, and coffee. If you are having people attend that are of age, develop a cute and festive cocktail menu for your guests to enjoy! 

4 – Set up carving stations.

Next, set up a personal carving station for each of your guests. This station should have enough room for your guests to carve their pumpkin and should include all the necessities that they will need in order to do so. Each person will need their own pumpkin, a damp cloth, a pen or pencil to mark where they would like to carve, and a pumpkin carving tool set. If you do not have full sets available to carve the pumpkins, you can replace the sets with a paring knife. It is also convenient to have an ice cream scooper to help scoop out the inside of the pumpkins! 

5 – Hold a contest and have a small prize for the winner.

Everyone loves some good competition! Make the pumpkin carving party extra fun with a competition on who has carved the best pumpkin. Another option for a competition for the party is for everyone to vote on superlatives for each pumpkin. This is a great way to wrap up the party and makes for some fun memories as well. And, of course, do not forget to take a final group photo!

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