So, you have gone through the process of getting pre-approved and now you know exactly what you can afford when it comes to your first or next home. It is important to know exactly what your budget is and what is feasible for you financially before you begin shopping around for your dream home so that you are not wasting any time. Once you know what you can afford, it is time to create your wishlist.

What exactly is a wishlist when it comes to your home? A wishlist for a home includes all the qualities and aspects of a home that you would consider to be your dream. Not only is a wishlist important to get a sense of all your non-negotiables for a home, but it also may help you to manifest the home you have always wanted!

While creating a wishlist helps you to know exactly what you are looking for, keep in mind the importance of staying flexible, being able to go with the flow, and knowing that you may end up having to compromise on some things. 

Check out what we think you should consider when creating your dream home wishlist.

Dream Home Wishlist

Figure out the general location. 

When you think about your dream home, where is it located? What state are you in? Are you in an urban, suburban, or rural area? These are things that you should figure out before beginning to search for your home. While some people prefer the hustle and bustle of being in a city, others prefer a more suburban area, especially if they currently have kids or are planning on having them. And some prefer a completely rural environment where they can feel relaxed and more secluded.

Other things to keep in mind when it comes to the location of the home is whether you need to be close to a highway if you have a commute, whether a good view is important to you, if you need to be near a school, or even if you need a dog park nearby! Consider everything that is important to you in terms of location and the proximity of places you know you will be frequenting often, such as the grocery store or doctor’s office.

Align on what style of home is best for you.    

Next, figure out what style home it is that makes the most sense for you. Are you looking for a single-family home, townhouse, or condo? How much space is required and how large or small of a home do you want? How many floors would you prefer? How many bathrooms? Of course, the answers to these questions may vary depending on your current situation and whether you are looking to buy a home for yourself or for you and your family.

Generally speaking, houses are great for couples and families who are looking to put some roots down. When it comes to condos, these are great options for first-time homebuyers as well as people who may be looking to downsize, or for people who just do not find that they need a lot of space. Townhouses are great to consider for those that would like to have more space than a condo, but do not need or want the responsibility of a full-size house. 

Assess your lifestyle and future plans. 

An extremely important factor when deciding what your dream home looks like is your lifestyle and what plans you may have or want to have in the future. For example, if you work from home, you may prioritize having a space where you can create an at-home office for yourself. If you love to workout, perhaps you would like to create a gym in the comfort of your own home. If you are living with a significant other, you may consider purchasing a home with space to create a nursery for some time in the near (or far!) future.

Other factors that you should consider can include whether you will need space for parking, or if you need a fenced in yard or area dedicated for your pets. Think about what would be most ideal and convenient for you when it comes to a home, and make sure you list everything out! 

Bring your wishlist to open houses. 

Once you have your wishlist set, make sure that you are bringing it along with you to open houses and considering it as you are checking out listings online. Remember that it may be impossible to be able to check off everything on your wishlist, so make sure you are aligned on what is a non-negotiable and what is a “want” more than it is a “need.” Happy house hunting! 

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