What should you unpack first after moving into a new home? First of all, moving into a new home is a huge milestone – whether you are a first-time homeowner or you have owned properties before. After moving in, you may immediately be overwhelmed with the number of boxes to unpack, furniture to put together, and interior and exterior updates needed. It is important to remember that you should pace yourself upon moving in, prioritizing what gets unpacked first so that you do not feel like you must do everything at once.

What to unpack first after you move

We have pulled together some of the first tasks that you should check off your list and what to unpack first. Check them out here:

1 – Clean the house and prepare to load in furniture.

First, make sure that the house is properly cleaned and ready before you load in furniture and all your belongings. When you are cleaning the house, make sure you are mopping, vacuuming, dusting, and even potentially painting the walls so that you are starting from a fully clean slate. The more spotless your home is before everything arrives, the better! If you are finding that it is too difficult to get there in time before move-in, consider hiring some professional cleaners to get the job done for you.

2 – Start with the big furniture and appliances.

The first items that should move into your home are the larger ones that will take up the most space. For example, moving in your couches, kitchen tables, kitchen stools, and appliances. In some cases, you may be moving into a home that has appliances already set, which is a step ahead! 

3 – Organize your boxes.

Next, take a look at all the boxes that need to be opened and unpack first what you’ll need as a priority. Many people will choose to label boxes before packing them up so that it is clear what room they belong in as they are getting unpacked from the truck. Once you have all the boxes in their respective rooms, you will be able to clearly see what is missing, if anything is damaged, and how much will need to be unpacked in each room. 

4 – Focus on the necessities.

Next, focus on the necessities that you’ll need to unpack first in order for you to properly go through your daily routine. To stay organized, focus on necessities needed for one room at a time. When it comes to your bedroom, for example, you will need to ensure that you unpack first your pillows and bedding, as well as the bed frame, if you have one. In your kitchen, as soon as you have ensured all your appliances are hooked up and properly working, unpack first your smaller kitchenware, such as plates, bowls, silverware, and glasses, that you know you will be using each day. If you have kids, you will also want to make sure you unpack first their favorite toys and stuffed animals so they will have access to these items as you are concentrating on the move. And, of course, if you have pets, make sure that their bedding, toys, and pet food are easily accessed and unpacked right away.  

5 – Remember – there are no deadlines.

Overall, keep in mind that there are no set deadlines for what to unpack first, and it is important to pace yourself so that you do not find yourself getting too overwhelmed. Remember to stay patient and take your time perfecting each room!

6 – Have fun!

And, most importantly, have fun! Starting fresh in a new home is an awesome opportunity to decorate and set things up in a new, modern way that you have always been wanting to try. If you are moving houses with family, you can make it into a fun and exciting experience!

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