Upgrades You Should Make for Your Home After a Decade

The 10-year anniversary of living in your home is a special one, as it is a huge milestone. During this time, it is great to look into different upgrades that you can make to your home to make sure that when the time comes it is as sellable as it can be. The more updated and modern that your home feels, the easier of a time you will have when and if you eventually decide to put it on the market. Here are some of the most important upgrades to make after a decade:

The carpet. If you have a carpet for 10 years, chances are you could be due for new carpeting in all of your rooms. Over time, carpets can experience the common wear and tear, can cause foul odors due to stains, and can even increase allergies for you and/or your family members. Not to mention, the padding of the carpet becomes worn down over time.

The hot water tank. Many people may not know that as the years go on, sediment in your hot water tank will grow thicker and thicker until it physically wears the hot water tank down. When this happens, the hot water tank will require more energy to run. Based on how well your hot water tank was installed, as well as what type of hot water tank you have, you should generally check in to see if it requires a replacement around the 10-year mark.

The paint – both inside and out. Don’t forget about the walls on the interior of your home as well as the exterior of your home! After hitting 10-years, it is time to hire a professional or have some DIY fun with your family members to repaint your home. Fresh paint will automatically create an updated look for both the interior and exterior!

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