After a long and tiring week of work, the weekend is finally here. How can you make it a no-spend weekend while still having fun? While you are so excited to have some time off, you are also actively trying to save money as you work towards your goal of purchasing your first house. To make the most of your time off from work and not drain your bank account, here are some tips to have a fun and exciting no-spend weekend, while still enjoying yourself.

7 Activities For A No-Spend Weekend

7 Activities For A No-Spend Weekend

1 – Do a workout.

If you are someone who regularly works out and already has a gym membership, take some time throughout the weekend to focus on your health and utilize your membership! Many gyms in addition to being able to use the equipment offer free workout classes that are included in memberships, as well as infrared saunas and other amenities.

If you have not taken the time to explore all the offerings that your gym has, use a no-spend weekend as a time where you can check out a new class or area in your gym that you have not seen before. Plus, engaging in a new workout class is a great opportunity to meet people! If you do not have a gym membership, there are tons of awesome free workout classes available online that you can utilize to get a good, sweaty home workout in!


2 – Try a new recipe with items you have at home.

Looking to empty out your fridge or freezer before your next grocery haul? Check out what items you have in your kitchen and get creative. Try out a new recipe during your no-spend weekend for breakfast, lunch, or dinner that you can make with items that you already have at home. This is a great way to have some fun in the kitchen and also perhaps come up with a new family favorite recipe!


3 – Start a new book.

Have you been itching to start a new book but have not had the time with your busy schedule? Use your no-spend weekend as a time where you can fully dive into a new book, with absolutely no plans to get in your way of finishing it. If the book is captivating, you will find yourself finishing it before the weekend ends!


4 – Check out free local events.

There are always great opportunities for free local events in each town which are perfect for a no-spend weekend. Check out some local events that might be happening in your area that you can enjoy with your family. Some examples of free local events that could be happening include farmers markets, fitness classes, art exhibitions, community festivals or parties, and even concerts if there is a park near you and whether permits!


5 – Set up a campsite in your backyard.

A fun activity to do with your family that will be of no cost is setting up a campsite in the comfort of your own backyard and having a camp night! If you have a fire pit, you can enjoy s’mores and campfire stories, play games in your backyard, and fall asleep under the stars in your sleeping bags and tents! Camping in the backyard with the family will be a core memory that everyone cherishes forever!


6 – Binge a new TV show.

Looking to have a lazy no-spend weekend? If you are into a new television show, take advantage of the weekend by giving yourself some well-deserved R&R on the couch while you catch up on your favorite show.


7 – Have some friends over.

If you are looking to be social, have some friends over simply just to hang out! There are tons of fun activities that you can do at home with friends, including watching a movie, playing board games, listening to some new music, or just hanging out.

Exploring Local Neighborhoods on a No-Spend Weekend

While you’re saving for your dream home and enjoying a no-spend weekend, it’s a great time to explore the local neighborhoods online. Here are some top neighborhoods you can explore from the comfort of your home:

Exploring these neighborhoods online can give you a clearer idea of where you’d like your new home to be. Plus, it’s a productive way to spend your weekend without spending a dime!

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