Are you in the market for a new apartment or home in a different neighborhood then where you are now? Whether you have already started the process of looking for a new place or you are preparing to begin your search, it is important to take into consideration the neighborhood that you will be moving to, in addition to the interior and exterior of the space you are planning to buy or rent.

The neighborhood is absolutely crucial for you to love because you will be spending a majority of your time there, after all!

When it comes to neighborhoods, there are tons of things that you should consider when looking for the community of your dreams. And while you may not be able to check off everything on your list, there are certain things that you should not overlook.

Check out exactly what you should look out for when you are looking at new neighborhoods.

What To Look For In A New Neighborhood

1 – “For Rent” signs.

First off, check to see how common “For Rent” signs are in the area. While these are not necessarily an immediate bad sign, it is something to consider that many of your neighbors may not be actual homeowners, and therefore may not be there to stay for long. If you are someone who is looking to have a true sense of community, a neighborhood with several “For Rent” signs may not be your best bet.


2 – Sidewalks.

Sidewalks are very often overlooked when people are checking out new neighborhoods, but they are extremely important to take into consideration. There are actually many neighborhoods that have no sidewalks, so if you are someone that likes to go on walks often, or if you have little kids, this may be a dealbreaker for you. Higher home values are often associated with safety and walkability, and if you are not seeing sidewalks, chances are there is not a lot of walkability in the area.


3 – Low crime rate.

Make sure you do your homework thoroughly when it comes to the crime rate in the area. If you look up crime rates, be aware that statistics may not always be reported completely accurately, so it is always smart to ask around and get opinions via word of mouth from people who are living in the neighborhood currently.


4 – Nearby activities and amenities.

When it comes to nearby activities and amenities, everyone will have a different idea of what they are looking for based on their own daily routine. For example, are you someone that needs to live near bodies of water, dog parks, sports fields, or a coffee shop? Or, perhaps you want to live in an area where you are able to run your errands without having to get in the car and drive. Whatever your preference is, be sure to check out the surrounding area of the neighborhood in question to get a feel for if you can see yourself day-to-day living there. You want to ensure all your regular stops are conveniently located for you.


5 – Proximity of emergency services.

Be sure to check out how close the neighborhood is to emergency services, including the fire department, the hospital, as well as police stations. It is always best to be safe rather than sorry, and you want to know in case of an emergency how easily accessible your home would be to emergency personnel.


6 – A good school system.

If you have children, a good school system is extremely important when choosing a new neighborhood. When you are researching the school system, check out the curriculum, test scores, the sports if your kids are athletic, as well as any other extracurriculars that are offered. It is also always nice to speak to parents in the area to get a feel for their experiences.

Exploring Massachusetts and Rhode Island’s Top Neighborhoods

Embarking on a new neighborhood search is both an exciting and crucial step in the home-buying journey. The right community can significantly influence your living experience, from daily conveniences to long-term property appreciation. As you navigate this pivotal phase, consider diving into some of the standout neighborhoods in Massachusetts and Rhode Island:

Your ideal neighborhood awaits, and these are just a few of the many options available. Dive deep, research thoroughly, and envision your future in these remarkable communities.

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