Today, technology truly has an effect on everything. We are constantly connected – whether it be via our phones, tablets, or computers, and are regularly browsing online and refreshing social media channels. With constant connection, it has never been easier to reach someone over the phone, by texting, or through email.

Technology has had a massive impact on people both professionally and personally. In the past few years specifically, technology has played a role in the real estate market, whether you are an agent trying to sell a home, or you are looking to buy or rent a home yourself.

Check out some ways that technology has disrupted the real estate market.

Technology is Impacting Real Estate

1 – Listings are all online.

Whether you are listing a home online or you are browsing for a home for yourself, the technology of a website offers an extremely easy way to view exactly what is available based on your wants, needs, and desired location.

In addition to being able to check out photos of both the interior and exterior of the home, you will also have quick and easy access to some more pertinent information such as purchase history, tax information, and information on the neighborhood and town, including what the school system is like. This makes it easier than ever to be able to bookmark what you’re interested in and quickly skip over houses that do not check the boxes for you.


2 – Use of mobile apps.

Many websites and real estate companies use technology to offer mobile apps that will continue to notify you as long as your notifications are on, allowing you to sit back, relax, and watch the listings come to you!

By setting your specific search criteria and aligning on what you are looking for, your app will program to notify you when a listing that may fit your credentials becomes available.

Some apps will even take int consideration exactly what your budget is and be able to connect you to an agent to further discuss next steps fast. Mobile apps are extremely convenient and give you endless information right at the tip of your fingers, regardless of where you are.


3 – Tours are done 3D virtually.

Looking to move far away? Or perhaps your schedule is super busy amid your home search process. Can’t make it to the property? No problem, technology has you covered.

Tours of homes are now done by 3D virtual tours, allowing both sellers and buyers to take a tour of the property in a realistic, three-dimensional fashion, making it feel like you are there in person! This is a great way to save time to figure out if the home is worth making the trip to see it in person.


4 – Drones are being used more frequently for images and videos.

When it comes to selling a home, one of the most important factors to get the job done fast for both the real estate company and the seller personally is the images and videos provided on the listing. Statistics have shown that drone shots can make a huge difference in the marketing of a home.

With the technology of aerial photography and video, potential buyers are able to get a more realistic view of what the property looks like from an interior and exterior perspective, as well as what the surrounding area and neighborhood is like. Remember – first impressions truly are everything!


5 – Social media channels are most effective to market listings.

Of course, social media has had and continues to have an ever-growing impact on the real estate market, in addition to life overall. New listings will not only be added to websites for potential buyers to check out, but also marketed on social media channels, giving you quick access to new listings, and listings that are spotlighted.

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