Everyone uses their garage for something different. For some, it is the perfect space to get work done, whether it is fixing a car or motorcycle, or building furniture for the house. For others, garages are a great space to exercise, and many people opt to turn it into their own mini gym. For others, it’s simply a place to park their car overnight.

For many people, a garage is the perfect place for storage, and usually, can very quickly become extremely cluttered and disorganized. In fact, for many people, their garage is the most disorganized place in their entire home.

If you are in the midst of spring cleaning and looking to get your garage cleaned up and organized, we have pulled together some tips on how you can effectively and efficiently clean it out in the least stressful way possible.

7 Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Garage

1 – Have a plan in place.

First, have a plan in place. Know exactly what needs to get done in terms of cleaning out your garage and figure out how you are going to complete each task and when it makes sense to get everything done. By making this checklist, you will be able to stay organized and avoid getting too burnt out, as cleaning it out can be a big task and require a time commitment. While creating this plan may feel overwhelming, look at it as an opportunity to be productive, and to take some time to catch up on some new music and some of your favorite podcasts!


2 – Air it out.

As you are cleaning out your garage, open it up so that you can let the fresh air in. This will not only help you to enjoy the beautiful weather, but it will also help to ensure that there is no musty odor throughout your garage, especially as you are cleaning it out. If you are finding that the airing out process is taking a little longer than you’d like, plug in some fans to help circulate the air quicker and more effectively.


3 – Do easier tasks first.

Organize your checklist of what has to get done by having the easier tasks at the top of the list so that you can quickly knock them out, ensuring you are able to focus more so on the longer tasks at hand. For example, if you have some recyclables that you can donate, or any items that you know should be brought to the dump, this will help you to check things off your list before getting into the larger projects.


4 – Work in sections and delegate tasks.

Make it a family affair! If you have the opportunity to get some help from others, then definitely take them up on it. Assign each person a section of the garage so that you are able to multitask efficiently, and delegate where you can.


5 – Declutter and get rid of unused items.

Decluttering is likely the task that will take the longest when it comes to cleaning out your garage. Start off by getting rid of any unused items that you haven’t touched in the past year and that you know you will not need for the Spring and summer seasons ahead. Also, while you are decluttering, take some time to get rid of any items that are older or no longer working.


6 – Sweep your garage and wipe everything down.

Once you have decluttered, your next step will be to deep clean the garage by sweeping throughout and wiping everything down. If you do not have anything in your garage that will become damaged from water, you can even choose to hose your garage down so that you are ensuring you are getting any dirt and debris out of the way.


7 – Use shelving and hang items where you can.

When it comes to organizing things in your garage, utilize your wall space smartly. Use shelving throughout your garage to store items and choose to hang items such as shovels or rakes versus storing them on the ground. This will free up more space throughout and automatically make your garage look cleaner.

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