March is an exciting month as it means that we are one step closer to the Spring season and some warmer, sunnier weather! It can still be a little bit chilly outside, so you may be having some trouble finding ways to keep things exciting for your family, and especially your kids. Regardless of the weather, there are a lot of ways that you can create fun memories with your family.

Check out some of our favorite ways to take advantage of the month of March and have some fun!


Have some Family Fun in the Month of March

1 – Have an Oscar’s viewing party.

First up in March is the Oscar’s, which airs on the 12th. Throw your family and Oscar’s viewing party which is a fun way to watch the award show while also staying involved and engaged throughout it. Some fun ways to throw an Oscar’s viewing party include having everyone dress up, handing out personal Oscar’s to each of the guests, casting your own votes throughout the show, and making some Oscar’s worthy appetizers and drinks (including mocktails for the kids!) for everyone to enjoy throughout the night.


2 – Celebrate Pi Day with some homemade pies.

Next up is Pi Day, which falls on March 14th. Pi Day is a great opportunity to teach your kids more about the mathematical sign, Pi, which the day is dedicated to doing. Pi Day is a day all math enthusiasts know and celebrate and is something that will be mentioned and celebrated in your kids’ schools. The celebrations do not have to stop in their math class, though!

On Pi Day, take some time to discuss the meaning of it with your kids while you bake some homemade pies, that you can of course enjoy later in the evening as a dessert after dinner! If you want to take the extra step, make your whole dinner themed for Pi Day with other foods shaped as pie, such as pizzas!


3 – Get involved with March Madness.

Another exciting thing that starts on March 14th is March Madness, which begins with the First Four match ups in Dayton, Ohio. March Madness games will go throughout April 3rd, so there is an entire month of games to enjoy with your family. Many people choose to fill out brackets and compete when it comes to March Madness, which could be a really fun family activity if everyone is old enough to participate. Otherwise, have everyone in your family pick teams they think might win ahead of the game, and stay engaged throughout it to see who guessed correctly. And of course, you can never go wrong with a viewing party!


4 – Make some fun St. Patrick’s Day themed snacks and meals.

St. Patrick’s Day is next up on March 17th, and there are so many different ways to celebrate. To celebrate St. Patrick’s Day the right way, even if you are not Irish, consider eating an Irish-themed dinner with your family that is full of meats and potatoes, wearing green clothing and green accessories, as well as getting a Shamrock Shake, which is an absolute must! If you are close to an area where there are St. Patrick’s Day parades, this is also a fun activity to bring your kids to.


5 – Other ways to have fun in March.

Some other ways that you can enjoy the month of March with your family include getting outside in general, and also considering going to a drive-in near you for a movie! Getting some fresh air as the weather begins to get warmer (even if just a little) makes a huge difference in your day and is a nice way to get some steps in while enjoying quality time with your family. Drive-ins are also super fun for families – pack your trunk with blankets, pillows, and tons of snacks, and enjoy a wonderful night!

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