St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner, and even if you are not Irish, celebrating St. Patrick’s Day is always a fun time and a great way to ring in the coming of Spring (even if it is still cold – we can dream of warmer weather around the corner)!

If you are looking to get into the St. Patrick’s Day spirit, whether you are having a party, celebrating with your family, or just wanting to be festive, you may be in search of some decoration ideas that are fun while also not being too cheesy or tacky. The good news is that there are tons of ways that you can incorporate St. Patrick’s Day décor – subtly, or not so subtly, into your home.

Check out some ways that you can get your home ready for St. Patrick’s Day:

St. Patrick’s Day flowers

1 – Add some greenery.

 A nice simple way to get into the St. Patrick’s Day spirit is by adding more greenery to your home, which will be a great complement to the other pieces of décor that you will have on display. In terms of greenery, this can be anything from potted plants, eucalyptus branches, or other types of plants or flowers. Greenery is a nice way to decorate while still staying sophisticated – plus, you can keep these on display after the holiday ends.


2 – White flowers in gold vases.

 Another classy way to dress up your home for St. Patrick’s Day is by getting some gold vases for various areas of your home and putting some white flowers in them. The white flowers can be either cut or potted and are a nice way to bring in some Irish hues along with the greenery that you will have throughout the rooms. The gold touches are a nice nod to the symbolic gold coins that St. Patrick’s Day is legendary for, and gold in general is always a nice way to elevate a space.


3 – Create a simple table setting.

 The table setting could be the most important part of your decorations, as this will likely be the most festive. Have fun with your table setting and if you have kids, allow them to get involved in the design of it so the whole family can create it together. Your table setting can be as refined or fun and festive as you prefer. Some ideas for table settings include gold utensils, fun leprechaun themed plates and bowls, and some flower arrangements for the centerpiece.


4 – Buy or make a cute St. Patrick’s Day wreath.

 Dress up your door for a nice first impression for visitors, as well as anyone who drives by your home, with a fun wreath that is themed for St. Patrick’s Day. Whether you prefer to purchase a wreath or spend some time to make your own, be sure to incorporate shamrocks in the design of your wreath to truly get into the spirit. You can also add in some natural elements to your wreath as well to offer a bright and inviting feel for guests.


5 – Hang up some signage.

 If you have some room on any side tables, mantels, or shelves in your home, switch out some of your décor for small pieces of signage or pictures that are St. Patrick’s Day themed to add in some extra pizzazz! Accent signs can be purchased at any home décor stores near you and can also easily be made at home. Your signs should be green, white, gold, and give a good nod to the Irish culture!


6 – Don’t forget the pot of gold.

 Lastly, be sure that you do not forget the pot of gold in your home! Purchase some chocolate gold that can double as fun décor in your house as well as a fun snack to enjoy on St. Patrick’s Day!

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