When to Replace Carbon Monoxide Detectors and Why It’s Important

Everyone loves to feel accomplished around the house, whether that is deep cleaning, pulling together schedules for family members, or decluttering. As people check off things to do around the house, many people forget the importance of checking their carbon monoxide detectors to ensure they are working properly. These detectors are extremely important to keep up with to ensure a healthy lifestyle within the home. So, how often should you replace carbon monoxide detectors, and why is this so important?

All your appliances and devices within your home that burn fuel can contribute to you potentially breathing in carbon monoxide, which is extremely dangerous and often can be fatal. This includes fireplaces, wood stoves, dryers, boilers, furnaces, water heaters and more. Often, you are not aware that you are breathing in carbon monoxide, therefore you are heavily relying on detectors to work by themselves to detect carbon monoxide in the air!

When detectors need replacing, you will most likely hear a beeping noise coming from them that shows they need new batteries, or you will need to replace them altogether. Generally, you will only need to replace your carbon monoxide detector once you hear the beeping, but you must stay on top of them to ensure they are working properly throughout the year. Do your best to check the detectors at least twice a year. If you do not feel comfortable checking on them yourself, there are professionals that you can hire to do so.

Ultimately, it is important as you are prepping your home for a new season that you ensure everything is working properly to keep you and your family members as safe as possible.

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