Everyone can relate to simply having too much stuff – and not knowing where to put it! If you’re looking to clean up the interior of your home, we’ve put together a list of some chic, stylish ways that you can store your clutter to ensure that every room in your house stays clean and organized!

  1. Use curtains! Whatever it is that you are storing on shelves, such as your children’s toys or books, find a solid or patterned curtain that compliments the room to hang over the shelves. This will allow for the items you’re storing to be hidden, but still easily accessible! Not to mention, it will add some essence and color to your room.
  2. Label baskets! General household items, such as laundry detergent, trash bags, or even pet supplies, can be difficult to keep organized. Find stylish baskets, such as woven ones, and label them with the respective items that are inside each. Baskets are an elegant way to store items and will add style to any room.
  3. Install hooks! Many items inside your home, or even in your garage, can be hooked up to the wall to allow for more space. Whether you’re hooking up your car keys, or your family’s bicycles, you are creating a more clean-cut area.
  4. Store in and/or beneath your furniture! If your couch or bed is raised slightly off of the ground, get some small bins to store underneath with extra clothes, shoes, blankets, or any other items that you find laying around. If your furniture is not raised off the ground, you can purchase small, cheap risers to raise it up to the height of your liking. Or, in an even more convenient way to store your clutter, find furniture for your home that has built in storage within it! Today, many couches and bed frames come with built-in storage which is not only easy, but trendy!

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