With the warm weather starting to creep in, it’s officially time to start thinking about landscaping and how you can prepare your backyard for summer! You want to ensure that the exterior of your home is fully prepped for hanging by the pool, spending time by a bonfire, grilling, and all of the rest of the fun activities that come with the summer months. Here are some tips on ways that you can level up your backyard:
1. Add a fire pit. Fire pits are awesome additions to a backyard, and not to mention, can be beautiful as well! With a fire pit, you can cook outstanding food and roast marshmallows. Fire pits are also great ways to socialize with friends and family, not to mention, they can really increase the value of a home!
2. Add lighting to repel mosquitos. Protect you and your friends and family when spending time in your backyard with light fixtures that specifically repel mosquitos! Once installing, most fixtures can protect over 100 square feet of protection. Enjoy spending time outside without worrying about those pesky bug bites!
3. Use at-home ingredients to clean your patio furniture. If you’re looking for an easy way to spruce up your outdoor furniture, you can mix together white vinegar, liquid dish soap and hot water! Use a soft brush on your furniture, pads for seating and any umbrella fabric, and you’ll get the clean, fresh finish you’re looking for.
4. Stock up on backyard games! Whether its day or night, backyard games are always a must! Whether you pick up ladder toss, KanJam or corn hole, there is a game for everyone to experience some fun, healthy competition!

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