Can you relate to wishing a room in your house was just a little bit bigger? For many, it can feel impossible to know how to design a room that feels extremely tiny to you. However, there are a few design tips and tricks that you can consider which will totally maximize your space and make your room feel a little larger. With the following tips, you will be in awe of how transformed your room can be:

  1. Keep it simple. This is absolutely key to making your room feel larger. Try to stick to using light colored flooring, either rug or hardwood, and light-colored walls. The brighter the space, the less cluttered it will feel. And, the more patterns that you use, the more overwhelming it will become.
  2. Utilize natural lighting. Hopefully your small room has some natural light through windows. You should use all of the natural light that you can get! Buy some sheer curtains so that the light will easily flow throughout the room. This will reflect beautifully off of the light flooring and walls.
  3. Match your furniture. As mentioned before, you want to make this room the least busy as possible. Try to match your furniture to the color scheme of your walls, and make sure that you are positioning it with some breathing space.
  4. Mount your TV. If you have a television in this room, avoid putting a stand in as it will take up a good amount of space. Your best bet will be mounting the TV on the wall which will allow more room for other items!
  5. Stay as organized as possible. Lastly, because the room is already small, it is vital that you keep it as organized as you can. You should avoid clutter at all costs and try and be creative with storage options. Use shelving, and think about purchasing furniture that might include some storage space.

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